Meet the Crew

Stars Team out of this World

Mary Ortega

Fashion Blogger

Hiking addict, dreamer, guitarist, vintage furniture lover and RISD grad. Operating at the crossroads of design and computer science to craft experiences that go beyond design.

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Nicholas Taylor


Skateboarder, vegan, record lover, International Swiss style practitioner and screen printer. Operating at the sweet spot between art and intellectual purity to save the world.

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Britney Nelson


Hiking addict, mother of 2, DJ, Eames fan and HTML & CSS lover. Operating at the junction of modernism and elegance to develop visual solutions that inform and persuade.

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The strength of our team is in the people!

Timothy Kravchunovsky

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Tim is a network engineer with 20 years of experience. Tim is a graduate of University of Maryland (Computer Science), Masters Management Columbia University, completed executive management Certificate program from Cornell University. Tim has worked as a contractor for the World Bank, Chemonics International and RTTV Washington.

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Dr. Oleksandr Letychevskyi

Lead researcher

Doctor of Science Oleksandr Letychevskyi is the head of the department at the Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics and a lead Researcher at Mesh+. Oleksandr is a Google Scholar with over 85 scientific, mathematical publications. He is also the founder of Garuda and Litsoft. Oleksandr's strengths are algebraic modeling, tokenomics and cyber security of distributed systems. He has worked as a contractor at Motorola and as a researcher at Missouri University.

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Professor Volodymyr Peschanenko

Lead Developer

Head of department of computer science and software engineering of Kherson State University. Volodymyr is also a cofounder of Garuda and Litsoft. Volodymyr’s strengths are insertion modelling, symbolic modelling, deductive systems, programming of mathematical software, computer algebra algorithms. Volodymyr is a
Google Scholar with over a 100 scientific, computer science publications.

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Teodor Raduta

Communications / Technical Writer

Teo's foundation was set during his study of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Bristol, where he became involved with the Start-up Citiblocks, followed by work on a project set by Airbus on the design of hydrogen aircraft, followed by research of smart shape changing biomaterials, then pivoting into the Nuclear sector on the first Refurbishment of a CANDU NPP in an Emerging Market (Nuclear electrica in partnership with SNC Lavalin).

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Yuliia Tarasich PhD


Ph.D. at Information Technology. Lecturer of the department of computer science and software engineering of Kherson State University.
Her research interests include insertion modelling, symbolic modelling, algebraic modelling, scientometric, and more.
Google Scholar with over 30 scientific publications in computer science and information technology areas.

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Max Poltoratsky PhD


Ph.D. (Information Technology). Lecturer of the department of computer science and software engineering of Kherson State University and Researcher at Garuda.AI. His research interests include modelling, verification, blockchain, tokenomics modelling, formalization, internet of things. Maksym's strengths are ESP and C++

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Anil Pervaiz

Web Developer

Anil is a certified web developer. Having 7 years of web programming experience, no task is impossible. Anil is a front and back end PHP, Python, Java and JavaScript developer for Mesh+.

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Cort Honey

Technical Writer

After graduating from Clarkson University, one of the top engineering schools in the United States, with a combined engineering and business degree, Cort Honey went on to work with cutting edge tech companies such as Klarna, PimCore, Bonitasoft.

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